There are 3 colours of Mangalitza’s:HPIM0032

The Predominant colour in Germany and Switzerland is The Swallow Bellied Mangalitza, these are Black over all of the upper body and Legs, with a cream underneath

The Boars of all varieties have longer snouts than the females.

The second colour of Mangalitza’s is the Blonde – this is most similar to the now extinct Linconshire Curly Coated Pig which were lost in 1972. It is recorded that some Linconshire curly coats were crossed with the Blonde Mangalitzas before their final demise – maybe there is some linconshire in the Blondes today.blonde mangalitza

These at first glance do have a remarkable similarity to sheep – until you see their faces. This colour has typically been more prevalent in Austria and Hungary.

The Red Mangalitza originated from a crossing of the Hungarian Szalontai pig with blond Mangalitzas. The Szalontai pig was a primitive natural pig similar to the wild pig (boar) – slow growing and producing little commercial value. These traditionally were kept in Eastern Hungary – including Transylvania.HPIM0033

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  1. TRACIE J-B Says:

    Does the coat have any fibre value for spinning, etc?

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