Lincolnshire Curly Coated pigs

The lincolnshire curly coated pig died out in 1972 after the remaining few were shipped to austria to cross breed with the mangalitzas in an attempt to make a better pig for eating and survivng the bitter cold mountains of austria and today the are still some traces of dna of this great animal making it possible through selective breeding to once again have this great british pig back.

its said the shorter the nose the more Lincolnshire in the pig and the shorter nose the better for instance the females have a smaller nose but if the was a boar with a small nose as well we are on the way to a new Lincolnshire curly coat.



One Response to “Lincolnshire Curly Coated pigs”

  1. Marc Beers Says:

    Hi there,
    I am producing a show for the bbc called great British Food revival all about rare breed pork. As part of the show I would like to include a still of the Lincolnshire Curly Coat. Do you know where I could get hold of one with permission fromn the owner of copyright.
    Many thanks,

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